You didn’t set out to live a “good enough” life.

And yet somehow, that’s where you’ve ended up. You’re aware that objectively, you’re doing very well. There’s nothing to complain about, really.

But for some reason, you’re still not satisfied.

From the outside, it looks like you’ve got it made. But on the inside? Every time you get that extra line on your CV, every time you turn the key in the fancy car, every time you reach that goal that you’re sure is going to make it all worth it, you get about five seconds of satisfaction and then, inevitably, a sense of “Really? This is all I get?”

You know something needs to change.

When you live life from the outside-in, doing all the “shoulds” and “have-tos”, you end up drifting further and further away from what you truly want. You might have even forgotten what that is.

You’ve already seen the effects of frustration, anger, anxiety... and general disconnect in your life so far.

Do you really want to find out what that’s going to look like in ten years?

2017-01-12 13.03.06.jpg

It doesn’t have to play out like this.

By exploring what’s going on underneath the surface, you can get an understanding of where your energy comes from, what you actually want, and create a practical strategy to make it happen.

As your coach, I hold that safe space for you and partner with you to create a life that may be beyond what you currently deem possible.

Here’s how we make that happen

I use iPEC's Core Energy Coaching in combination with my own curiosity-driven, analytically-minded methods. We discover your core thought-emotion-action patterns, and then get to work getting rid of all the blocks that get in the way of your desired goals.

We marry this with the power of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, which helps you figure out which areas of your life, thoughts, and patterns of behavior energize you and which ones are holding you back.

Once we get these things figured out, we can go on to create a practical, results-driven strategy that aligns with your most authentic self and seamlessly moves you into your new life.

The result? You not only know exactly what it is you really want, you have a solid understanding of the innate tools you already have to make it happen, and you’ve dealt with everything that might trip you up.


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