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There’s a particular type of frustration that comes with knowing that you’re a successful person who’s generally doing pretty well at life... but the life you’re living right now seems to be on the wrong track, moving you further and further away from what you really want. Maybe you feel like you missed a chance to switch tracks a decade or two ago? 

I’ve been there. It's not too late.

With more than 10 years experience in academia as a Professor of Economics, I know what it’s like to be self-disciplined, have all the analytical, writing and public speaking skills one may dream of and, yet, ending up with an empty cup in the process.

As my career progressed, the demands of the job lead to more and more one-on-one's with my computer and, frankly, a load of intellectual masturbation (pardon my French).

I felt boxed in, frustrated, ready to throw in the towel. Then I found the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). There, I refilled my cup — I reignited my passion and turned my previous experience and innate skills in teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and advising into the coaching practice I run today.

Now, I get to wake up every day and live a life that truly lights me up. And I want the same for you.

That doesn’t mean that you need to leave your career, shake up your relationships, or move to another country — although that’s a possibility, of course. What it really means is that you learn how to listen to that whispering voice inside, instead of the constant noise around you.

And when that happens, your experience of life changes completely. You start making huge strides towards the things you really want in life. You get a sense of inner peace you may not have felt in years. Basically, you develop a flawless no bullshit policy.



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What People Say...


With Alice I learned to see things from a different perspective. She gave me the tools and imprinted a mindset on me that helps me today to “take a step back” or to switch perspective.  I use this skill in my personal life as well in business. I don´t question myself anymore on rather unnecessary emotional things and it made me more patient and empathic with myself and my surroundings.


It also lead to me accepting myself for who and how I am. By understanding who I am and how I can choose to behave or react a certain way, I ended up accepting character traits I before estimated to be “bad” or “annoying”. I feel balanced now, not all the time, not every day. But every day for some time. I actually feel settled and content, which I didn’t before.


Wouldn´t have gotten here without you Alice. Thanks a million!

Randy Nyssen, 

Director Marketing Business Solutions, Germany

Alice is the perfect blend of knowledge and capability. She has an innate talent to discern an individual’s potential and quickly gets to the core of who they are. She is winsome in her approach as she brings an encouraging spirit, but holds true to a core belief system that allows her to be incredibly candid. If you are stuck in your career, lacking for energy, or desiring a more meaningful future personally and professionally, I would strongly recommend working with Alice as your coach!

Jordan Montgomery,

Wealth Management Financial Advisor, Iowa

I’ve been coached by Alice for the last 9 months. Prior to being coached by Alice I carried many barriers that limited me in my different roles such as a mother, co-worker and family member. Although, I had acknowledged these barriers, I didn’t know how I could make a change. I found myself always trying to seek a solution. But I could not see what the best solution was when I was far from believing I was the best person to provide the solution.  During each session with Alice I could feel a positive transformation occurring at my own pace. With the help of Alice, each session was targeted around what I wanted to accomplish or change. I've learned how to convert my barriers into strengths that  lead me to carry out each role that is close to my heart with love and passion.

Jeanette Arvizu, 

Social Work, Child Case Manager, Florida