Why Work with Me


Something’s off.

  • Maybe you find yourself flying off the handle at the littlest things. You don’t like being this way, but you can’t seem to stop.
  • Or you’re doing something you’ve done a thousand times before ... only to find that your heart starts racing, your palms start sweating, you can barely catch your breath in the sudden wave of anxiety that’s come over you.
  • Or maybe everything’s OK... but it’s just that: OK. Life’s started to feel like you’re on a level of a game you’ve already won a hundred times.

You may not be quite sure what you do want for the next part of your life. But you’re damn sure you don’t want more of the same.

You’ve probably done the things that people normally do to change their lives — you know, the self help books, the yoga classes, the meditation. And while all those things can be incredibly valuable, especially as complementary practices to coaching, they may not be addressing the underlying issues for you. How do you know? Your normal life remains just that — normal.

And let’s be honest: you’re not looking for normal. You’re ready for a life.

Your life, in fact — but not as you’ve been living it. Instead, you’re ready for a version of your life where you actually feel excited to wake up every day, with a purpose, vision, and plan that speaks to your whole self; head, heart, and everything in between.

You’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to stop existing and start really living again, let’s talk.

Join me for a free 45 minute Bye Bye Fine - Hello Phenomenal session where we’ll explore what working together looks like — all while giving you a taste of my coaching style and how quickly you can start to make real change in your life.

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Ways to Work With Me

Already know that you’re ready to start coaching?

Let’s dive in! It all starts with a Deep Dive...


Deep Dive

You know the status quo isn’t what you want... but you’re not quite sure what is. In this 90 minute session, we’ll explore the possibilities using the deeply incisive Energy Leadership Index assessment, which highlights the things that naturally light you up, as well as those that drain you. You’ll walk away with your eyes opened to a whole new world of possibilities, feeling empowered and excited to start working towards them.

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You already know what you want — how to make it happen is another story though.
If you have a clear goal but know you could use some extra accountability and mindset help to reach it, this is the program for you. Consisting of four 45 minute sessions plus unlimited online support for the duration of our work together, Ignite is the smart, strategic, deeply empathetic support system you need to knock out the roadblocks that stand between you and that big goal. Like all my work, it starts with a Deep Dive Session — book yours so we can create the foundation for pursuing your true north.

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Life only really works when you come at it from a position of integration: your head working together with your heart, your inside working together with the outside, etc. But it can be really hard to find that balance, especially if (like many people) you’ve been living primarily in your head.

Integrate is about going back and finding that thing that’s missing, that void of purpose, meaning, and connection that you’ve been trying to fill. Through the course of eight 45 minute sessions, we’ll explore just what that void looks like for you and how you can learn to use your whole, integrated self to move forward. The first step? A Deep Dive session.

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Sometimes, you get to a point in life where you realize that you just need to start over. If you’re ready to clear out all the old stuff that’s been holding you back, figure out what it is you really want to happen in your life going forward, and create a strategic plan for making that happen, Integrate & Implement is for you.

In it, we’ll come together for sixteen 45 minute sessions to get a clear picture of exactly what’s going on in your life, how things got to this stage, and what you want next. (Fair warning: it’s probably much, much bigger than you ever imagined.) From there, we’ll create a plan to make that new life a reality. It’s deep, transformative work — but the first step is very easy. Join me for a foundational Deep Dive session where we’ll get a clear sense of your starting point, and a hint at some of the incredible possibilities for this new stage of your life.

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